Elisabeth Schwarz
Owner & Instructor

Elisabeth became the owner of The Little Yoga Studio in November 2018.

Nicole Roerick

Nicole Roerick, Originally from Fargo, ND, relocated to San Diego in the fall of 2018 after living abroad in Cairo, Egypt for 4 years. She is a passionate teacher and Yogini. She found Yoga through Dance and has benefitted from it in more ways than she thought possible. She has been practicing since 2007 and teaching since 2010 after completing her 200 hour certification in NYC in July 2010. She also completed 200 hours towards her advanced certification in Thailand in November 2016 and completed her Teen Yoga certification from the UK in October 2017. She has studied Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin styles, and has also worked with Anusara and Iyengar teachers. The diversity comes through in her teaching. Nicole focuses on working towards proper alignment and muscle usage in the body while also focusing on individual needs and adjustments. Her teaching is fluid, direct, and very light hearted. Nicole gives much gratitude to her teachers that helped deepen her knowledge of the practice and teaching of yoga. In addition to her yoga life, she is also pursuing Dance Choreography and Performance and has her MFA and BFA in Dance. She has completed her Stott Pilates Mat and Reformer certification courses and is working towards her certification. She believes that all of these worlds are connected and intertwined with one another and hopes to utilize all that she has and give it to others.

Dominique De La Rocha

It is while attending her first restorative yoga class that Dominique felt the powerful and wonderful release that she needed at that time in her life when she was suffering from chronic pain.

From that moment she became more and more involved in the practice and study of yoga and in 2005 she enrolled in a teacher-training program to become a certified yoga teacher (RYT200).
Her sweet, friendly and caring personality is a powerful positive energy that can be distinctly felt in her classes.

The restorative yoga class she teaches helps connect body and mind in a very nurturing, gentle, and relaxing atmosphere.

As a former registered nurse and a massage therapist, she integrates her medical and holistic background by infusing her sessions with Reiki, massage, and essential oils.
Based on her own journey she strongly believes that self-love and self-care are essential to our health and happiness, and her goal is to teach other how to achieve it.

Sarah Deakin

Sara has been practicing yoga since 1999. Like so many people, she began yoga for physical benefits. With numerous knee and shoulder injuries from competitive tennis and running, she turned to yoga for rehabilitation. The therapy went far beyond her joints, and started to resonate in her mind and spirit. From surfing, to traveling, to being a student of natural medicine, she has been able to integrate yoga philosophy into all aspects of her life.

Sara received her 200hr certification from White Lotus Foundation in 2006. She has been blessed to study under many renowned teachers including Ganga White, Tracey Rich, and Gerhard Gessner. This stylistically diverse group of teachers has allowed Sara to find her own unique heart-centered and down-to-earth approach to teaching. Her alignment based vinyasa flow classes emphasize the synergistic effects of connecting the body and breath. In addition to completing the 300hr Yoga Works training in 2010, she also received her Masters in Business Administration.

Paulina Kayachaninan

Paulina came to her yoga mat about 8 years ago and started her teacher training the year of 2014.  After a 200hr RYT teacher training teaching something she knew she wanted to do so she could share her practice but also share the practice of yoga with others. Yoga found Paulina at a time were she was going through a lot of physical recovery from other sports she played. With time, practice and patience she began to see improving results and recovery. She then knew that yoga was something she would always be doing for the rest of her life. She is always learning new material, is a part of the San Diego acrobatic community in San Diego, and assisting trainings to bring new flows to her classes. If you haven’t had the chance to take her class. Defiantly stop in your in for a sweet ride on your yoga mat.

Saira Estrada

I began my yoga practice at the Chula Vista yoga center at the beginning of 2011 and obtained my RYT-200 that summer. In search of a new perspective in life and self-love, I challenged my self to 30 days of yoga. I acknowledged that the shift of energy, mind, body, soul, and the feeling of fulfillment that I  felt after every class saved my life. Inspired by my teachers and the very space my practice evolved in, yoga became something I  wanted to keep in my life forever. As a Yogi,  I am thankful for my practice and it’s ever-evolving nature, which parallels with my personal lifestyle. I hopes to inspire students and peers to find a practice that works for them and fills them with happiness. I am also an advocate for other healthy lifestyles such as sports, yoga, dance , and a supporter of the art, music, culinary, and film scene. My favorite style of practice is Vinyasa Yoga because it is a form of freedom of expression, like an improvisational dance which is in a constant flux. My aspiration in life is to continue to grow within my self, as a student and teacher in yoga and to continue to apply the practice to my everyday life…Always remembering to just breathe.

Stacey Filice

Stacey A. Filice, E-RYT200, RYT-500, teaches various styles of yoga including Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin/Restorative Yoga, meditation and sound healing. She is also a Reiki Master, is certified in mat pilates and is currently pursuing her Yoga Therapy certification at the Soul of Yoga in Encinitas. She is YogaWorks certified and trained in San Diego under Gerhard Gessner, Sara Deakin and Shauna Mackay. Her years of teaching have included many studios throughout San Diego, full-time staff instruction at Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, BC, Mexico, and working with students one-on-one. Stacey enjoys empowering her students to go inward and connect to the state of calm that exists within them.

Dorothy Guthrie

Dorothy earned her 200 hr yoga teacher training at The Little Yoga Studio in 2012. Since then she has earned two Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Certifications and holds certification in Reiki and Sound Healing. In 2015, Dorothy became the Yoga Teacher for the San Diego County Recreation Department at Waterfront Park. Dorothy is currently attending Yoga Therapy Teacher Training at Loyola Marymount and is finishing up her certification in Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing. You can experience the vibration of the Tibetan Singing Bowls during her Yoga Classes where she plays them on and off the body during Savasana.

She has a Bachelor of Music degree in Global Music Composition from San Diego State University where she discovered her calling to blend the modalities of sound and yoga. You can listen to her music compositions designed for deep rest and relaxation on her album titled: Music for Restorative Yoga. In addition, Dorothy has over 300 free original guided meditations available on her youtube channel: 365DaysofMeditation.

Cristina Bonilla

Cristina began practicing yoga as a means to manage the stress she was experiencing in her career as well as the chronic pain she had been struggling with since childhood. Meditation, pranayama (breath control), acupuncture & Reiki were introduced to her at a time when she needed it most and realized the importance of taking the time to nourish the body, mind and spirit in order to achieve optimum health and wellbeing. After taking a Yinki® class (yin yoga with Reiki energy healing) one evening, she instantly felt the healing benefits of her practice- physically, mentally, and emotionally. Cristina felt inspired to deepen her understanding of yoga and decided to take a 600hr Hatha yoga therapy program through Shafa Yoga.

She then did further training as an integrative healer, Yinki®yoga teacher and mentor through Tranquility Wellness Center. Cristina is also the founder of Sacred Balance Integrative Healing haring the therapeutic benefits of yoga, meditation and integrative healing has truly been a life changing and humbling experience for Cristina. Her mission is to inspire others to bring balance to their lives- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually so that they may realize their full potential.

Danielle Wolcott

Danielle originally found the way to her mat as a means to create a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. It was love at first breath and she quickly realized that when she kept a regular practice that other aspects of her life felt more balanced as a result. Danielle believes yoga is truly for everyone and creates a safe and welcoming environment to students of all levels. She teaches a grounded, and well-balanced class with a focused attention on alignment and breath control. Her classes can be described with a sense of calm endurance, inviting students to take their practice a little deeper with the use of movement and breath.

Hannah Rae Block

In 2012 Hannah began immersing herself in yoga and the practice became integral in the process of healing traumas and releasing former addictions. Inspired by the diversity and depth of the offerings, she enrolled in teacher training at Happy U Namaste and massage therapy training at ICOHS. To Hannah, the everyday practice on and off the mat is a limitless progression and unity of body, mind, and spirit. She aims to share the gifts she has received from her teachers, her personal exploration of the practices, and to hold space for each student to express and explore their personal experience.

Evan Hart Marsh

Bio coming soon.

Sarah Lieber

Sarah started her Yoga practice in 2009 and quickly began to realize the physical and emotional benefits a regular practice offered her. Working a demanding career and having suffered from back and shoulder pain from sitting at a desk for 8+ hours a day, she decided to dedicate herself to a regular Yoga practice in an effort to help alleviate the pain and stress of the daily-grind. Within months of her practicing her back pain nearly subsided and she learned just how powerful thoughtful breath and quiet meditation could be when dealing with everyday, stressful situations. She knew she wasn’t the only hard working professional that could benefit from a daily Yoga practice and in 2011 decided to obtain her 200 hr Yoga certification at The Little Yoga Studio in the hopes to be able to share the gift and discipline of a daily Yoga practice with others going through a demanding career, just like herself. Her goal in teaching is to guide her students to find peace, acceptance, and strength in their practice, while at the same time finding their edge and breaking through arbitrary physical boundaries students put on themselves. “I believe that, with enough practice and dedication, everybody can do a Scorpion!

Angelle Villafana

Angelle’s yoga journey began overseas when she moved to Europe in her late teens. Seeking ways to increase strength, flexibility and body awareness, she joined a yoga studio in The Netherlands where she was introduced to yoga asana and kundalini yoga for the first time. When her membership expired, she began practicing in her apartment with youtube tutorials and began a personal practice… but without much guidance. It wasn’t until her early 20’s after experiencing some life changing trauma and moving back to San Diego did she seek out formal guidance with a teacher. Angelle began studying under Gerhard Gessner in a 200 hour vinyasa teacher training, and then decided there was so much more to learn and jumped immediately into Gerhard’s 500 hour teacher training under the mentorship of Sara Deakin. Angelle practices and teaches mostly a vinyasa-flow style class, but loves to incorporate breath work, and restorative influences. Angelle’s goal with sharing yoga is that everyone who comes to her class finds a safe space there, and leaves feeling better than when they entered the room both mentally and physically and hopefully spiritually.

Irene Encarnacion

Irene began practicing yoga in 2006.  After leaving an accounting career that required long hours of sitting and hunching at a desk and computer, she was intrigued by yoga’s rehabilitating effects on her aching low back and stress level.  Irene’s yoga teaching influences are YogaWorks’ Kori Flechtner Strobl, Miramar College’s Jessica Matthews, and MiraCosta College’s Stacy McCarthy.  Irene enjoys introducing yoga to new students and inspiring them in a safe and thoughtful manner.  In addition to keeping up with her own yoga practice, Irene is a Jazzercise aficionado, San Diego City College senior tutor, and doggie mom to three rescued Chihuahua mixes.

Zaquia Salinas

Zaquia Mahler Salinas (RYT500/MFA Dance: Creative Practice) began a yoga practice in 2007 and her love of movement led her to develop a passion for flow. She completed her 200-hour teacher training through CorePower Yoga in 2012, and her 300-hour advanced training with Yoga One San Diego in 2019. Zaquia has also completed trainings for yoga at the wall, yin, and restorative yoga to compliment and balance her vinyasa-based foundation. Zaquia enjoys learning alongside her students while they share the experience of practice together. Her mission is to engage others in a relationship with movement and inspire a deeper sense of confidence in their physical experience as human beings.