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Class List


Beginner Friendly

A yoga practice focused on the basics. A perfect environment for those looking to gain a strong foundation in vinyasa yoga. Familiarize yourself with vinyasa yoga- more detailed focus on alignment, Ujjayi breath, Sun Salutations and basic meditation.


Beginner Friendly

This class is designed for anyone who is either new to yoga or has been away from it for a while or just wants to improve their practice. We will learn the proper and safe alignment techniques of various yoga poses as well as develop an understanding of the foundations of yoga. The purpose of this class is to slow down, have fun, and to create a supportive space where everyone can explore their own potential.


Beginner Friendly

Yoga Nidra is a form of meditation and a mind-body therapy involving guided relaxation cues.
Practitioners say that it often brings immediate physical benefits such as reduced stress, better sleep, and that it has the potential to heal psychological wounds. In our Hatha and Deep Rest class we begin with gentle stretches and then lay down and find deep rest, or ‘yogic sleep’.


Beginner Friendly
Experience the therapeutic side of yoga. We use blankets, bolsters, straps, and other props in seated poses to create a supportive environment for total relaxation. Let us lead you to deep relaxation.
 “The development of these poses is credited to B.K.S. Iyengar ‘the father of modern yoga’.
Iyengar’s early teaching experience showed him how pain or injury can result from a student straining in a yoga pose. He experimented with ‘props,’ modifying poses until the student could practice without strain. Iyengar also explored how these modified poses could help people recover from illness or injury. We work very hard in our lives, and while we may sleep, we rarely take time to relax. Restorative yoga poses help us learn to rest deeply and completely.”
Both Yin and Restorative forms of yoga asana are slow-paced. They enable you to move slowly and focus on maybe 10 different poses for the entire 90 minute class. Both forms of practice calm the mind and nervous system, enable you to turn inward, and focus on the breath.


Beginner Friendly

Yin yoga is a passive style of Hatha yoga that targets the connective tissues (bones, joints, ligaments, and fascia) by holding yin postures for a period of time (between 3-7min). The yin postures are primarily focused on the lower half of the body. During class you will receive Reiki (Universal healing energy) for a deeper relaxing experience that brings balance and removes stagnant energy blockages. This is a wonderful healing experience, and a great way to unwind from the stresses of the day.


Beginner Friendly

A soothing hour of gentle, seated stretches and pranayama (breathing). Enjoy seated postures focused on the hamstrings, hips, the IT band, and alleviating back pain.
Perfect for runners or those with wishing to focus on the breath and areas or stiffness.


Beginner Friendly

Unwind from your day and relax into the evening. This class starts with a gentle Vinyasa inspired flow and moves toward a grounding and rejuvenating Yin state with a Restorative and meditative practice.


Currently off Calendar – Begin your day with 45 minutes of energizing yoga. Learn new poses, focus on your breath, and clarify your day with plenty of time to get to work!


A Level 1&2 Vinyasa Flow Class followed by 15 minutes of guided meditation. Lauren is a big fan of personal touch and her goal is to have each person leave her class feeling refreshed, supported and free. Experience a variety of mediation methods including lovingkindness (metta), breath/mantra based meditation and guided visualizations.


A level 2-3 vinyasa yoga class inspired by Ashtanga Yoga. Deepen your practice and de-stress your day with challenging poses and opportunities to advance your physical yoga practice.


The class focuses on strengthening and detoxifying. Options for arm balances and inversions are included. Enjoy fun music while linking strong, powerful movements with breath.


A healing hour of Level 1 yoga to refresh your mind and body. Tell Danielle which area of the body you would like to focus on today and her customized creative yoga sequences will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to begin your day from a place of balance.


Expect an All Level Vinyasa class that will leave you feeling strong, supple and rejuvenated. All donation classes are led by recent Teacher Training graduates-  we thank you for being understanding and supportive of their progress.

Please RSVP to all classes you are attending.

All classes have a set capacity.