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Hatha is a beginner friendly, all levels yoga class designed for mixed-level practitioners that provides a balanced combination of sustained poses with attention to basic alignment and therapeutic principles. Hatha focuses on mindfulness, and the observing of pranayama breath practices while creating strength, flexibility, bodily relaxation, and mental concentration.


Vinyasa yoga is a creative form of yoga where strong and powerful movements are linked together with the breath in a flowing sequence. Classes may be sequenced around a peak pose, theme or an aspect of yoga philosophy. The class focuses on strengthening and detoxifying. Options for arm balances and inversions are included.


Yoga Nidra is an ancient mind-body technique involving guided relaxation cues intended to bring the practitioner into the state of consciousness called “Yoga Nidra” also referred to as “Yogic Sleep”.  From this state of consciousness, the practitioner becomes a conscious creator of their desired reality, such as vibrant health, a new career, etc.  Practitioners say that it often brings immediate physical benefits such as reduced stress, anxiety, better sleep, and that it has the potential to heal psychological wounds.  In our Hatha & Deep Rest class we begin with gentle yoga postures to prepare the body for Yoga Nidra. The challenge is to not fall into sleep during the practice! This practice can also be used as preparation for deep meditation. This class is Beginner Friendly / All Levels.


Restorative yoga is a slow-paced all levels yoga asana practice focusing on calming the mind and nervous system. Embark on a healing journey that submerges you into deep relaxation and activates your body’s natural healing abilities. Class is designed with gentle floor based sequences using blankets, bolsters, blocks and props that support the therapeutic side of yoga.


Take an hour for yourself to relax in restorative yoga postures accompanied by the healing sounds of crystal bowls. Embark on a healing journey that calms the mind, submerges you into deep relaxation and activates your body’s natural healing abilities. This restorative form of yoga asana is slow-paced focusing on the practice of calming the mind and nervous system, enabling you to turn inward, and focus on the breath. Sound energy treats specific needs and blockages, vibrations penetrate through layers within the mind and body for a deep and transformative experience.


Yin yoga is a passive style, slow-paced all-level class of Hatha yoga that targets the connective tissues (bones, joints, ligaments, and fascia) by holding yin postures for a period of time (between 3-7min). The yin postures are primarily focused on the lower half of the body. Yin yoga alleviates pain and tension, relieves stress, anxiety, repressed or stored emotions, leaving you feeling lighter, clearer and relaxed. Yin yoga is an excellent practice for beginners.


FlowLIFT Fitness is the new 45-minutes mat-based, music-driven strength training innovative full body workout using Bala® light-weighted ankle and hand weights. Flawless and dynamic moves challenge the body and engage the mind like never before. The result is a sweaty and addictive workout that builds a long, lean and functional physique. Developed by two yoga/body experts, Carolina Vivas and Amanda McCarroll. FlowLIFT is derived from influences of Pilates, yoga, and  weight training paired with the ever-evolving lifestyle of the San Diego act


Ashtanga Full Primary Series is a teacher guided 90-120mins practice with the traditional vinyāsa count that links the breath and 48 postures. This is a challenging and dynamic practice focused on building strength, flexibility, and stamina while offering a thorough and safe introduction to learning the Ashtanga Vinyasa method. Each posture is designed to prepare the body for the next, creating a flowing and continuous practice. Students will learn opening mantras and Sanskrit.


Ashtanga Half Primary Series is a teacher-led short form of the Full Primary Ashtanga yoga series done in 60-90mins classes. This practice follows the classic five breath count and moves through the series in an uninterrupted, rhythmic and meditative flow while offering a thorough and safe introduction to learning the Ashtanga Vinyasa method. Each posture is designed to prepare the body for the next pose, creating a flowing and continuous practice building strength, flexibility, and stamina. Students will learn opening mantras and Sanskrit. 


Ashtanga yoga with a gentler feel..This all-levels, beginners friendly foundation class offers new and returning students a thorough and safe introduction to learning the Ashtanga Vinyasa method. Postures are held in an effort to build strength, develop muscle memory, and generate proper alignment preparing the body for each posture while creating a flowing and continuous practice.

All Levels:
Beginner Friendly

Level 1/2:
Beginner Friendly with Options for Continuing Practitioners

Level 2:
Continuing Practitioners with Options for Advancing Practitioners

Level 2/3:
For Continuing and Advancing Practitioners with Options for Experienced Practitioners

*Class levels are notated on live MINDBODY class schedule*

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